SA Lifesaving Champs Day 1

With most of the action in the senior areana being focused on board races the ski’s were in full force in the juniors. Brandon Van Der Walt won a very tight u19 ski race on his Titan. The girls u16 and u19 were both won by Kirsten Flanagan (got to be the find of the champs so far) aslo on a Titan. This is an amazing acheivement considering she is only 14 years old. What? Yes 14! Jeeny Rice won the u16 boys on a Titan so Custom Kayaks got a full sweep of the Gold in all the junior races today, we are so proud of the Titan and the people that paddled them to victories!  

The shore break at champs bay is cliaming a number of craft and people. It makes for exciting specating and am enjoying watching SA’s best battle it out.


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