Marks Diary – New Titan 2 and Easter Races

Post by Mark Lewin


With the change in regulations for lifesaving specification surfski’s, allowing for drain holes in the foot wells, it has opened the way for some new design features, and this gave us the opportunity to develop a new model TITAN single spec ski. The first thing we could look at, is that top paddlers today want to be able to “leg drive” through the paddle stroke. The existing fixed cockpit foot wells do not allow much freedom of movement to leg drive and this was mainly due to wanting to limit as much as possible the amount of water that the foot wells can hold. (Bearing in mind that drain holes have only recently been allowed). In redesigning the TITAN, we have allowed room for much better leg drive. By lowering the flat shelf between the seat and the foot well we have achieved this. It has also resulted in a slightly lower seat making the ski more stable.

We introduced a functional tried and tested simple adjustable system that allows you to adjust the leg length on the waters edge without needing any tools or Allan keys etc. The leg length caters for tall paddlers up to 6’10” tall, down to a 12year old that is just coming out of the nipper lifesaving ranks. By tapering in the foot well space it also leaves us with a flat shelf on either side of the cockpit, enabling us to fit a handle on either side that does not get in the way of the paddler at all, and is very useful for 1) remounting 2) maneuvering the ski in a shore break 3) for running jump starts.

In all our newer shaped ski’s we have seen that the Apex shaped front and back deck, withstands impact and stress a lot better and we have had very little damage to ski’s since introducing this deck shape. We have therefore introduced this shape into the TITAN 2 giving it a very stiff strong shape that can withstand a lot of punishment in the surf.

We have increased the volume of the front and back deck to allow for displacement of water in the surf quicker, in particular, increasing the height of the front deck apex to protect the foot well area from excess water.

Picture 3 gives you an overall picture of a very fast, stable, adjustable spec surfski. Going forward we will also offer the same new shape in a fixed length ski, for the very competitive paddlers that prefer a fixed foot well length.

Watch this space.

APEX 2 – Strikes again.

Adam and Luke Nesbit won the double ski race at the Nelson Mandela Bay Surf Classic ski race in Port Elizabeth on Easter Friday against fancied opposition on an APEX 2 double ski.

See you on the water MARK


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