The sea takes and it delivers. Yesterday it delivered. And how it delivered! The best conditions of the season so far for surfski racing. Some bigger sets at the start and finish did claim a few scalps, including our own Mark Mulder, who, racing to get into the top 5 cut the point at the finish and trashed his light weight carbon ski on the rocks. Not a good outing for him but for Barry Lewin on a BULLET, his third second place in a row in the series behind Hank McGregor, showed some real class and speed to run down and pass Mathew Bouman in the last 5km. Over and above Barry’s vastly improved fitness, we have been waiting for the BULLET to take its place amongst the leading competitive surfski’s in the market. The ski has proved its worth in both the flat conditions in Durban harbour to being able to match anything in a great down wind and sizeable surf.

As for the double ski race, I have said it before. The APEX 2 is the most underrated ski in the market. When, after a slow start a couple of 50 something geriatsky’s like myself and partner Linton Hope can charge through  a competitive field and finish second overall, it is a good indication of the surfability of the APEX 2 double surfski. Man! We had an absolute ball out there.

We have reached the halfway mark in this year’s Winter Series and it has really been incredible for us to see the huge strides our products have made this year in particular, with paddlers on our full range of craft on the podium across all the categories and grades . This year’s series has been one of the biggest and most competitive for some time. 5 down and 5 to go. Watch this space.

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