The ‘FOCUS’ – Interview with Mark Lewin


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Barry Lewin’s Video from the Pete Marlin

Barry was in East London for the Pete Marlin and put together a video of the race. There is some nice downwind fottage of the “BULLET”.

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The ‘FOCUS’ is here – Photos!

If you have been following the blog, we have been in the R&D faze of a new intermediate boat which has just been named the “FOCUS”. The first one came out the mould yesterday and so we hit the beach to play. Check out this photo album of the “FOCUS”

Orders are now open for the “FOCUS” and if anyone is keen to demo the boat please give us a shout at the shop.


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It has a name – ‘THE FOCUS’ – The new intermediate Surfski from Custom Kayaks

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Barry Lewin Wins the My Gas Mouth 2 Mouth on his ‘BULLET’

Barry Lewin traveled up to Richards Bay on the weekend for the Mouth 2 Mouth. The race was run over a 40km downwind course from Richards Bay to Umtenzini in a light NE wind. Barry raced his blue ‘Bullet’ lite to a win in the singles.

Check out Barry’s race report here:

He also hit the news in Richards Bay with the front page picture in thr Zululand Observer


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THE LONG AWAITED NEW SKI – (It will be named during this week)

The reason that it has taken so long, is that I had to shelve completing the molding midway through, in favor of completing a new lifesaving rescue craft, that was essential to complete important lifesaving orders for the start of this Summer season.

All the R&D work had been done and we already had a prototype on the water for a few months during the Winter. The delay has frustrated the number of paddlers that have tried the prototype and find that it suites their needs perfectly. I did not set about designing a ski to compete against anything out there already, but identified a large category
of paddler that does not have a suitable ski for their ability level at the

I wanted a ski that 1) novices could move on to once they had spent some time on the beginner ski’s, but not such a small step up that they have to upgrade soon afterwards or a ski that would not enable them to be competitive. 2) For the intermediate up to A grade level of paddler, (excluding elite), that wants a competitive ski that surfs well, but
wants a bit more stability and easier mount or remount in the surf.

There is not a ski in the market that fits that category perfectly at the moment. The one or two slightly shorter 6m long ski’s around at the moment are a very small step up from the beginner ski’s and are found wanting competitively against the full length ski’s in flatter
conditions. The step up is too small. The only other full length  “more Stable” ski in the market, in an effort to make it more stable, has made the ski completely oversized, making it very slow through the water.

The features of the new ski are as

Full length, 6.4m. It will be competitive on flat water. I will be racing this ski in preference to my previous ski the SYNERGY.

Broad open cockpit for full rotation and leg drive, as well as a very long extensive foot well length. The foot bracket rail area and cable exit points have been blended into the shape of the ski better so that at no stage do you come into contact with either.

The gunwale height has been reduced by 4cm compared to the SYNERGY which was difficult to remount.

The foot well area has been narrowed to the same width as the BULLET, holding less water. This has enabled us to create a platform that can be used to accommodate handles on either side of the cockpit for mounting in the shore break and remounting.

The front deck has been raised slightly and sharpened  to the same shape as the
BULLET, which displaces water very well in surfing conditions.

The tail shape is the same as the SYNERGY, but has been thinned down completely. This shape still gives you the best mix of stabilizing the ski and giving you a flatter back base at the tail of the ski that enables you to get on and stay on the smallest of runs.

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Common Wealth Lifesaving In Durban

I went to see the final events at the Comonwealth Pool International Lifesaving Championships in Durban over the weekend, and was so proud of my club mates from Marine SLC in Durban that did their country proud representing South Africa, with some great results over the three days of competition. One of the highlights of the competition was the S.A. (A) Team winning the final relay event in which the National captain and club mate, Robin Saggers featured. They won in a tight tussle against a very strong Australian Team. Robin is in the centre of the attached picture at the medal ceremony.

National junior Team member Paul van Achterberger also from Marine Surf, posted incredible times in the pool events throughout the competition and is seen as one of the countries future top stars. Paul is a very competitive Junior Iron man competitor, and surf swimmer. Paul paddles a Custom Kayaks TITAN spec surfski. He is second from the right in the picture of the junior Team at the medal presentation.

Well done to both of them. We are looking forward to having them back on the beach in preparation for the surf lifesaving season.

See you on the water


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