Perfect beginner surfski. Used by the Surfskischool in South Africa as a tried and tested model for coaching the boat is super stabe and very user fiendly.

The ski is 5,6m long and and max width is 48cm. This is a short ski that will fit in a 20 foot container. 

Synergy 2 

THE NAME “ SYNERGY” – We have identified over the years the best features of each of our previous boats and wanted to come up with a ski that added value in all areas by incorporating these best features in one new design. I was looking for one word that best described the result. We have achieved a “Synergy” that you can feel when you paddle this ski.

The ski is 6.4m long which means the boat has the speed of a racing snake but this boat is aimed at the intermediate paddler so it has more stability and maneuverability.

The no 2 in the name is that is the second version of the ski. It’s cockpit has bee redone.


The Bullet is the new on the blog and represents our newest offering on the fast end of the market. It’s narrower than anything we have made before and there is no doubt you will see this boat on the poduim in years to come all over the world.

Apex 2

This is a new generation double ski that combines the speed of an elite machine with modern day technology to give it that extra bit of stabilty. The copits have also been redone like the Synergy into a new model.

More info can be found on all these surfski models on our website

3 Responses to Surfski

  1. bryan leroux says:

    how much is your foucs surf ski
    i live in south africa pmb

  2. Greg Stroud says:

    Mark , Greg Stroud here , from MUR Sydney .. Dave Leigh sends his best …. was looking for an intermediate ski .. The Synergy 2 or Focus seems to fit the bill , what beam is this one … can you ship to Aussie ?? And pricing ??

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